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US-based Access Optics specializes in precision micro-scale optics, high-reliability subassemblies, and complete devices for MedTech, diagnostics, and analytical instruments. They innovate for endoscopy, dermatology, aerospace, and chromatography, holding FDA registration and ISO certifications. Their 20,000 ft² facility supports prototyping and large-scale production.
Acu-Gage provides manufacturing quality control solutions, specializing in reducing setup times, improving processes, and offering precise CMMs. They offer annual maintenance, training, and technical support to ensure machine uptime. Their durable, modular CMMs enhance efficiency, cut costs, and help clients exceed product specifications in lean manufacturing.
Since 1976, Andover Corporation has been a leader in designing and manufacturing premium optical filters and coatings. Our Salem, NH facility, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, specializes in hard coat, soft coat, and hybrid optical filters. Our diverse product range includes DLC coatings, beamsplitters, narrow bandpass filters, IR filters, ND filters, dichroic filters, and more. Trusted in aerospace, defense, medical, and astronomy, Andover Corporation is a reliable global provider of superior optical solutions.
adit electron tubes
ET Enterprises Ltd., founded in the 1930s, is a global leader in low-light detection technology. They specialize in photomultiplier tubes and offer quality photodetector modules and electronics. They are affiliated with Ludlum Measurements Inc. for the worldwide distribution of ADIT brand photomultipliers with technical support.
AdvanSiD, boasting 15+ years in silicon radiation detectors, enhances Cefla's Medical Equipment Unit with RGB-SiPM and NUV-SiPM tech. These technologies enable high-performance SiPMs for visible and Near ultraviolet light detection, promising substantial technological advancements.
American Photonics
Founded in 2001 by Steve, John, and Jeff Walters, American Photonics (APC) is a US-based company providing cost-effective, high-quality replacements for OEM products. Specializing in laser machine components, APC manufactures over 5,000 items such as lenses, mirrors, and protective windows compatible with major OEMs like Amada®, Bystronic®, and Trumpf® for both high and low-power models.
Apollo Optical
In the late 1980s, Apollo Optical Systems pioneered diffractive-optics and micro-optics technology, evolving into a leader in single-point diamond turning and precision molding of polymer optics. Their specialties include high-performance optical components, system designs, and ophthalmic product development. AOS is committed to advancing optical technology for diverse industries.
Hunting Titan International
Hunting excels as a global manufacturer and tech provider in energy, aerospace, medical, and power generation, specializing in perforating systems, energetics, and instrumentation. It serves the energy and geothermal sectors with premium connection technologies, OCTG sales, and a Subsea division. Leading in drilling, downhole intervention, and electronics, it also offers trenchless tech, MWD solutions, and advanced oil recovery for optimized reservoir performance.
Kinheng Crystal Corporation
Shanghai's Kinheng Crystal Materials is a high-tech enterprise specializing in optoelectronics, offering top-notch scintillator products like CsI(Tl), NaI(Tl), LYSO:Ce, and BGO, serving various sectors including nuclear medicine and security. They create custom 2D arrays for medical imaging, strongly focusing on detector and module design and a commitment to manufacturing excellence and innovation.
KiwiStar Optics
With 50+ years of global project experience, KiwiStar designs top telescopes and lenses, optimizing precision components with tools like Zemax and SolidWorks. They offer agile "build to print" methods, advanced metrology, and vacuum coating for quality optics, ensuring satisfaction by tailoring solutions and emphasizing procedural quality, adhering to specs.
Lux Imprint
Luximprint revolutionizes optical plastics manufacturing, overcoming hurdles and speeding up production. Using an innovative additive process, it collaborates with tech and design experts, offering inventive solutions worldwide from its Netherlands-based Creative Factories, shaping a dynamic future for diverse industries with rapid, flexible, and cost-efficient solutions.
Diverse Optics
With a century of combined experience in IR Detectors, N.E.P.'s Technical Staff excels in various fields such as Imaging, Spectroscopy, and Aerospace. N.E.P., a pioneer since 1973, delivers success through its IR detectors and multiplexed arrays for applications from gas analysis to satellites. Choose N.E.P.'s cutting-edge IR detector solutions for cost-effective innovation in Spectroscopy and Imaging.
Founded in 1995, Optoi, a Trento-based optoelectronics leader with five affiliated companies, emerged from the Bruno Kessler Foundation. With 50+ employees, it serves aerospace and green tech, partnering with FBK for silicon devices. Growth through acquisitions, startups, and innovation emphasizes industrial safety and Industry 4.0 hardware. Optoi excels in customizing electronic solutions for advanced sensors and sustainability.
Precision Glass & Optics (PG&O®) is a global supplier of premium precision glass, optics, and optical coatings. They provide quick-turnaround solutions for windows, mirrors, prisms, and custom optics, utilizing in-house glass inventory and fabrication services. With a robust setup and skilled engineers, PG&O® delivers cost-effective, dependable optics globally.
Spectral Systems
Spectral Systems, a 40+ year veteran in infrared optics, specializes in crystalline material processing for military and commercial applications. Located in Hopewell Junction, NY, they offer diamond turning, coatings, and advanced equipment to cover the entire infrared range, guaranteeing quality through 16+ materials and proprietary coatings with a skilled team.
ThinFilms Inc
THINFILMS, Inc. is the ultimate source for thin film solutions. Specializing in sputter coating, electron beam evaporation, ion milling, and thin film fabrication, it has served 500+ companies across diverse industries for 30+ years. Recognized with awards for exceptional performance and support, the company is trusted for quality in Medical, Defense, Semiconductor, Aerospace, and more.
Tower Optical
With 60+ years of experience, Tower Optical is a trusted supplier of optical components and systems for aerospace, defense, medical, and telecom. They offer custom solutions, prioritize quality and service, and adhere to rigorous standards, embodying their motto: "Quality is not expensive, it is Priceless."